Prior Park Garden Centre

Spring at PPGC

Kinder Plants

With over a hundred varieties to choose from including fuchsias, geraniums and trailing geraniums as well as petunias, begonias and many others, Kinder Starter Plants are a great way to plant up tubs and baskets. The baby plants can be planted directly into the containers or potted up to grow on for planting out into the garden later in the spring when the risk of frost is past.

Apple Winter Gem

Fruit gathered when it is fully ripe from the garden is such a joy, and so many types of fruit are so easy to grow, and now is a perfect time for planting fruit trees  and bushes. At Prior Park Garden Centre we stock a wide range of fruit trees. In addition to apples and pears we have plums and damsons, cherries and nectarines, walnuts and medlars.

Raspberries, strawberries and blackberries can all be planted now, and don’t forget red and white currants. Why not try blueberries? Not difficult to grow but they do need lime free soil, so in this area are often best grown in a large container.