Pet Food

Just like us our pets need a balanced, healthy diet, and we cater for a wide range of animals including cats and dogs, the full range of small furry animals as well as reptiles, amphibians and arachnids.

We also have all those extra essentials: pet litter, grooming equipment and a range of really cozy beds.

Dogs and Cats

Whether you have a bouncy young puppy, or a very old dog that has grown up with the children, we understand just how important your dog is to you, and our experienced team are happy to help you with all aspects of its care.

We have a wide range of foods including Hill’s Science Plan, Royal Canin, Burns, Lily’s Kitchen and Nature’s Way, a comprehensive selection of pet beds and Vetbed, collars and leads including the superb Hunter range, and of course a selection of veterinary products. And when your dog has been on best behaviour treat it to one of our dog treats or dog toys.

We all know that cats allow us to live with them, rather that the other way round! Whatever the nature of your pussy friend, and whether you have a superb persian princess or an ugly old tabby with a torn ear and huge personality, they have a way of capturing our hearts.

We stock a comprehensive range of quality cat foods including Hill’s Science Plan, James Wellbeloved, Iams, Nature’s Way, Burns and Whiskas, and plenty of attractive bowls to serve the food in.

We have cosy beds a plenty, enough toys to keep an army of cats contented, brushes and combs, shampoos to bring a sparkle to their fur, and, of course, some rather discreet cat loos and the necessary disposables to go with them.

Dogs on a lead are welcome in the garden centre, so long as they don’t leave anything behind on the floor!

Small Furry Animals

Small furry animals can be a great way to help children to understand about responsible pet ownership and also they help children to learn about the cycle of life.

We supply rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters . We are happy to give advice about the suitability of your prospective pet, and the housing and equipment needed to care for them.

Ferplast produce a fine range of small animal homes, and we stock specialist feeds from Burgess Excel, Beaphar & Supreme along with a vast range toys and treats.

Reptiles and Arachnids etc.

Lizards, snakes and spiders are not everyone’s idea of a perfect, cuddly pet, however they are very popular and we have an excellent reputation for caring for our animals and advising customers on the suitability and care of these pets.

Our livestock selection changes regularly and includes lizards, ghekos, corn snakes, pythons, tarantulas and giant stick insects.

We stock a comprehensive selection of vivariums, tanks and containers along with specialist lamps, substrates, treatments and foods including fresh foods including locusts, crickets and mealworms.

Wild Bird Care

We stock all that is needed to present your wild bird life with a positive gourmet banquet, – peanuts, black sunflower seed, sunflower kernels, niger seed, mealworms, various seed mixes, fat balls and pellets.

We stock a range of squirrel proof feeders and baffles so that you can avoid having the fattest squirrels in the neighbourhood – at your expense!

Our carefully selected range of feeders is designed to cater for the greatest possible range of wild birds. You will be amazed to discover how many species are eager to visit your garden.

The RSPB website has lots of useful information for helping you to enjoy and encourage the bird life in your garden.