Indoor Aquariums

We can help you choose appropriate species for your aquarium, whether you’re looking to create a single-species or biome tank, a more family-interest community aquarium with a wider range of fish, or even a lower maintenance coldwater ‘goldfish tank’ that children love to learn from. Feel free to ask for advice on setting up and planting your tank, choosing compatible fish species and appropriate foods. We are here to help!

Garden Ponds

We have a great range of pond liners, pumps, filters and all that you need to create your perfect garden pond in such a way that it will last for many years and be a delight in your garden. Brighten it up with our selection of pond plants and treatments to keep the water safe and your fish healthy.

Our Fish

Our 50 tanks hold a wide range of tropical fish including:

Mollys, Platys, Tetras, Plecs, Angel Fish and Cichlids along with some more specialised species such as Axolotl.

Cold water aquarium fish are well represented by:

Goldfish types such as Fantails, Lionheads, Blackmoors, Lionheads, Orandas, and Shubunkins.

We stock a comprehensive selection of:

  • Cold water, tropical fish and pond fish and a wide range of fish foods to suit all species
  • Aquarium lighting, heating, thermostats
  • Water treatments for aquaria and ponds
  • Pond liners, pumps and filters

Useful link to help you get started with your aquarium: Beginner’s Guide to Fish Keeping

Juwel Aquariums

We really like Juwel Aquariums! Fantastic designs, both traditional and contemporary and in a range of finishes.

They come complete with lights, heater and air pump. Easy to maintain, Juwel Aquariums provide a healthy environment for your fish.

We keep in stock Juwel Bio-filter maintenance items and accessories including pumps, heaters and filter pads to keep your Juwel Aquarium in tip-top condition.

biOrb Aquariums

The stylish original biOrb has more to offer than good looks. Featuring replaceable filter cartridges with mechanical, chemical and, biological filtration, your aquarium will stay cleaner and clearer for longer.

Suitable for coldwater and tropical fish.