Our pets and aquatics centre has a reputation for high quality pets in clean, safe environments, a caring customer service team, and all the supplies and extras you’ll ever need. Talk to us before deciding to purchase any pet and we’ll help you make the right choice, and guide you honestly through the process.

Welcome To Our Animal Kingdom!

At Prior Park Garden Centre, we cater for a large variety of pets of all different kinds, ranging from the everyday to the unusual!

We have a specific area set aside for fishkeeping (tropical and coldwater, indoor and outdoor) and a large array of clean tanks with high quality specimens that local fishkeepers agree is the finest in Bath. Our highly trained staff in this section are fishkeepers themselves and are happy to give advice on all aspects of fishkeeping.

We also have a pet area which can supply you with everything from guinea pigs and hamsters to tarantulas and geckos. Once again, our knowledgeable staff are able to advise you on all aspects of looking after these animals, whether you’re just starting out with your very first hamster or stick insect, or a seasoned pro looking for specific advice on a different challenge.

Caring For Your Pet

Buying an animal is one thing – but there’s usually a lot more to it than that! So we also carry all the equipment required for setting up, keeping your animal safe and comfortable, and establishing and maintaining an ideal pet environment. We have the complete range of equipment for animal management, safe and hygienic cleaning, food consumables and even medications, all of which may be required at some point for a carefree pet life in the future. We’re a one-stop-shop, competitively priced, and with great trained staff who really care – and who will be there for you throughout the life of your pet.

And even if we don’t sell your type of pet, chances are, we carry stocks of food for it – whether it’s a dog, cat, budgerigar or chinchilla! You’ll find everything from dog leads to chew toys, cat scratching posts to pond liners, in our pet and aquatics area. We even have food and equipment to aid you in looking after those pets that aren’t pets at all… the wildlife in your garden, especially the birds.