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Garden Plants

Whether you want to plant up a complete new garden, a single border or even a container for your patio, we have the plants you need, and there are always experienced, qualified staff available to help you.

All our hardy plants are guaranteed for 12 months. If any plant fails we will replace it or refund the purchase price.

Colour for all SeasonsWinter Colour Selection

Whatever the time of year, every garden should have plenty of interest and colour.

In winter Mahonias and Hamamelis performing reliably regardless of frost and snow, Viburnums and Forsythia brighten up the spring, Ceanothus and Lavenders are always good for summer and in the autumn Hydrangeas and Acers bring rich colours.

Planted Containers can be brightened up any patio or basement. Select from our wide range of evergreen plants to give year round interest, and add a dash of colour with seasonal bedding plants according to the time of year.

Part of our Plant AreaOur Plant Area

Our plants are carefully displayed & well labelled to help you make your choice.

We endeavour to seek out and bring to you the best of the many new varieties that are introduced every year, along with varieties that have proven their value over the years.

Trolleys are available adjacent to the main building, but feel free to stroll and browse for as long as you need. Staff are on hand to help with any large or heavy items you may require assistance with.

Maple CornerJapanese Maples

Japanese Maples, forms of Acer japonica,  are quite enchanting. The many varieties display a bewildering range of shapes and colours, and in autumn they appear to set the garden alight with a blaze of autumn tints.

Great garden plants for semi-shade, and ideal for containers on a shaded patio or basement area.

You will find a wide selection of Acer varieties in a range of sizes up to specimen size to give extra impact to your garden.

RosesRosa Bonica

Roses are always favourites.

We stock a wide range of varieties, hybrid tea, cluster flowered, miniature & patio varieties, climbers & ramblers.

The New English Roses introduced by David Austin have become understandably popular. With their sumptuous blooms, their old fashioned charm and in many cases fine fragrance, they make ideal garden plants as bushes and climbers.

A visit to our Rose area on a summer’s day is sure to evoke all kinds of great memories – and you’re sure to find one you’d like to find a home for!

Herbaceous Border PlantsAlstromaeria Polka

From Alstroemeria to Zantedeschia you cannot beat herbaceous perennials for masses of colour year after year. Most are simple to grow, and many of them are invaluable as cut flowers for the house.

Whether you are planting in full sun or shade, we can help you choose varieties to bring colour into your garden from January right through to December.

Fabulous new Hellebore varieties are stunning in the spring. Geranium ‘Roxanne’ is covered with clear blue flowers all summer. Echinaceas and Japanese Anemones take colour through the latter part of the year. The choice is huge, and our stock changes week by week, so you can be sure to find something new whenever you visit.


Fresh herbs are now such an important part of English cooking thanks largely to the likes of Elizabeth David, Jamie Oliver and of course the ‘Blessed Delia’.

We stock a great range of herbs in season, most herbs are so easy to grow and many make great container plants, and are great for beneficial insects and bees.

Don’t forget – as well as looking good and tasting great, many herbs also smell wonderful too, especially when touched or brushed against. They truly are the under-rated stars of the garden.

Why spend a fortune on fresh – or even dried – herbs from your local supermarket, when you can have the real thing growing just outside your back door or on your windowsill?


Soils in the Bath area are almost entirely calcareous, so lime-hating plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Camellias do not thrive when planted in the soil unless care is taken to prepare an ericaceous planting area. We can help you with this, if you’re keen to try – just ask one of our staff who will be glad to assist you.

Camellias are ideal for growing in containers however, and are happy even when grown on a north facing patio or in a basement area. With flowers from November until March, according to variety, they bring a welcome display to the winter months.

Climbing PlantsClematis

Climbers are  so useful for embellishing walls and fences, covering sheds and pergolas.

We stock a huge range from Actinidia to Wisteria, and whatever your situation we are always happy to advise on your choice.

Planting climbers to grow up, over or through other garden plants can produce some brilliant displays in your garden, and can effectively double the colour in your garden.

Try growing different coloured clematis through climbing roses, honeysuckles up trees and purple leaved vines over pergolas. Many climbing plants also make excellent ground cover.

ConifersConifer Display

People tend to either love them or loathe them, but there is no doubt that conifers can be very useful in the garden.

Evergreen, in a wide range of colours, and generally easy to grow, conifers are good for hedges, screens, as single specimens and of course for growing in containers.

A little thought and care may be needed in terms of placement, to ensure they don’t become a problem if they are fast or large-growing varieties. Feel free to talk to our staff about suitabilities, and they’ll happily advise.

Planted ContainersContainer Plants

Whether you have a large garden or a small patio, planted pots, hanging baskets and window boxes can add so much colour & interest.

Whether you wish to plant your own containers or choose from or selection of ready planted, we can help you.

We have a massive variety of plants suitable for container-growing, and can advise on the best selections to ensure the maximum amount of all-year-round colour, from flowers and foliage.

We also have a huge selection of containers of all sizes and shapes, in a range of materials that are suitable for all sorts of different locations. We also stock various small hand-tools for ease of working with containers, plus various grades of grit for keeping out the bugs and reducing water loss on hot days. We even stock different kinds of ‘feet’ to stand your containers on during the winter, to stop them waterlogging and cracking due to frost.

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