It’s that wonderful time of year again, and we’re feeling very festive here. We’re determined to make Christmas a happy occasion for everyone, and we have everything you need to make your Christmas the best ever.

At Prior Park Garden Centre the team want your visit to be exciting. We seek out gifts to suit all price ranges for all your family and friends, whether gardeners or not. Our Farm Shop is a festival of the most mouth-watering delights from melt in the mouth mince pies to luxurious chocolates along with locally produced turkeys, beef and vegetables.
Our Christmas trees are all Grade 1 and UK grown.

Christmas Trees

A beautiful Christmas tree is such an important part of most family’s Christmas celebrations. Choose from over 1,000 Grade A trees, including the UK grown traditional Norway Spruce and the increasingly popular needle-fast Nordman fir from 1.2 metre to almost 3 metres tall. Naturally we can net your chosen tree for ease of transport.

If you want to grow a Christmas trees in your garden we have pot grown trees in a range of sizes. Christmas trees are the  eco-friendly choice as they soak up carbon dioxide as they grow, when shredded after Christmas they enrich the soil, and the land can be replanted for another crop of trees.


A beautiful Christmas tree deserves to be beautifully decorated, and seasonal decorations around the home bring a festive feel to the celebrations.

Many families have heirloom decorations, and many of the stunning decorations we have are destined to become heirloom pieces. Our colour themed displays are sure to inspire, with golden trees and garnet coloured glass, and a riot of turquoise with purple and emerald.

Children’s Christmas

Our carefully selected range of gifts will delight children of all ages.

A wide choice of craft and activity books will keep children entertained long after Christmas decorations have been taken down. The Tractor Ted range is a great favourite with children and the wooden toys from Floss & Rock are classics that stand the test of time. We have a wonderful range of soft toys including many suitable for babies from birth and beautiful gifts from Sophie Allport, Belle & Boo and Rachel Ellen.

Farm Shop

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to enjoy a special treat from our Farm Shop.

Charlotte and her team have assembled a wonderful selection of festive treats ranging from delicious mince pies from Hobbs House bakery to gorgeous chocolates from Lindt, Bendicks and Charbonnel and Walker. The Cartwright & Butler range of biscuits, preserves and dressings are beautifully packaged and taste as good as they look.

Christmas Lights

Who hasn’t in years gone by struggled with Christmas lights that worked perfectly when they were put away last year, but refuse to co-operate when you need them. We now have wonderful LED lights in plain white or a range of colours, and the ‘bulbs’ never need changing. Our Christmas lights display is truly dazzling with mains and battery operated sets for indoors & outdoors. The Easytimer range can be set to operate for 8 hours on 16 hours off, – a great idea.